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In The Presence of Wolves

- This week’s featured band band, In the Presence of Wolves, are celebrating the release of their long-anticipated album Thalassas this Saturday at North Star Bar   In the Presence of Wolves are known in Philadelphia as one of the most musically talented bands in the area. They have a unique ability to create long, progressive songs with intricate instrumental sections and yet somehow still make them feel like catchy, radio-friendly songs. It’s not easy to write an 8 minute song that gets stuck in your head!   We fell in love with their music last year and their 2-song demo has been in heavy rotation ever since. In the beginning of this year they announced that they would be going in studio for their debut album. Many people have been anxiously awaiting to hear this masterpiece, and this Saturday it will be available to all who attend. The official release date is December 2nd, but you can get yours early at North Star this Saturday! There have already been several glowing reviews of the album online, including one right here on gashouseradio.com.   Saturday, November 29th make sure you join us at North Star Bar for the In the Presence of Wolves Thalassas Release show! Also playing that night will be Hollander Crouse Duo, Lör, The Twenty Committee and 3PM. This will be a great night of prog rock, and your chance to pick up the new album from In the Presence of Wolves before the actual release date of December 2nd. ITPOW plan on playing the album in it’s entirety!   If you just cannot wait until Saturday, In the Presence of Wolves have released their first single, Man of the Times. It will be in heavy rotation this week (along with a few other ITPOW tracks). You can also find it on their Soundcloud page. So tune in to Gashouse Radio all week to hear In the Presence of Wolves in heavy rotation. Check out Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET) on Monday when the band joins us in studio! More importantly, head out to North Star bar this Saturday night and join the celebration of Thalassas.

$5 First Friday at Connie’s 12/5

- Every month Gashouse Radio and Connie’s Ric Rac tea up to bring you the $5 First Friday Showcase. This night is not your typical Friday night of music.   Every $5 First Friday includes a live broadcast, as well as a mix of full bands and acoustic acts. We start the night at 6pm with Gashouse Live. Weeknights at 6pm ET we are live on Gashouse Radio,and the first friday we bring the show to Connie’s Ric Rac. During their happy hour, come in and enjoy their drink specials and listen to Gashouse Live. During the live broadcast we interview some of the bands playing the show that night. We also broadcast 2 acoustic performances from the stage at Connie’s it’s a nice way to end your work week, and begin the Friday night at Connie’s. Click here and RSVP to the $5 First Friday Facebook Event Page! On December 5th, the acoustic acts featured at the $5 First Friday include Adam Murray and Preston Hull. You could tune in and enjoy their performances, or you could join us at Connie’s and be a part of the show.   The broadcast ends around 9pm, and then the bands begin. This month we feature Wooden HEZ, The Dogs of Lust, and Stereoma. December 5th will be the CD Release show for Wooden HEZ’s new album Spew. In addition to their performance, Woden HEZ will be debuting their first music video for the single Punk Rock Jack. The Dogs of Lust are a great band out of Central PA, Stereoma is one of the latest bands to be featured on Gashouse Radio and Wild By Law are a party all their own.   This is a great lineup, and it’s only $5! Combine that with drink specials and the live broadcast and you have a very unique night of affordable entertainment. So mark your calendars for the $5 First Friday at Connie’s Ric Rac on December 5th! Also, when talking about this show online, please use #FFShow, and follow along using the decibly app!

2014 Tournament of Champions

-   It’s that time of year again! The 2014 Tournament of Champions starts up on November 17th, and runs through December. So what is this Tournament of Champions? It is a fun promotion that includes all the highest voted bands that we’ve met in 2014.   Every week on Gashouse Radio we introduce a handful of new independent bands. We ask our listeners to let us know what they think of the songs using our thumbs up/down buttons. Those “votes” are tallied and they determine how often songs are kept in rotation. These votes also determine if a song ends up in our Top 10 Countdown. At the end of October, we take a look at all the votes from 2014.   We take the 32 highest voted bands of the year, and put them into a single-elimination tournament bracket. Each day on Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET) we matchup 2 bands head to head, our listeners vote and only 1 band moves on in the tournament. The bands are all seeded based on the number of votes received throughout the year (Even Man Out being the #1 seed, Andrew Mark Schaffer being #2). So what does it mean to be in a “matchup”?   We play 3 rounds, and in each round we play 1 song from each band back to back. Our listeners vote with those thumbs up/down buttons on every song. If you like both songs in the round, you can vote thumbs up for both (thumbs down votes do not count during the tournament). At the end of the show, we tally the votes from all 3 songs, and whichever band has the most votes will move on to the next round of the tournament. Think of it as a MArch MAdness for independent artists. Here’s a look at the 2014 Tournament of Champions bracket: Click to enlarge   Each matchup has a corresponding number on the bracket, and below is the list of which matchups take place on which day. For example, the first day of the 2014 Tournament will be “Even Man Out vs. Les Racquet” and “Andrew Mark Schaffer vs. Inconsiderate Bastards”. The finals take place on December 23rd, the last show of the year. The winner of the 2014 Tournament will get an article about them on Gashouse Radio, an interview on Gashouse Live, bragging rights for the year, and of course these championship rings. The Tournament is very light-hearted and really just a fun way for us to look back on the year in new music, while at the same time promote anything new that these bands have coming up. Last year’s winners were Magnificent Birds of Prey, who’ve become great friends of the station. It is a competition, but again it is all in good fun. We encourage you to tune in throughout the 2014 Tournament of Champions and let us know which songs are your favorites using the thumbs up/down buttons. If you have any more questions about the 2014 Tournament of Champions, please tune in to Gashouse Live weekdays at 6pm ET and we will answer any questions. Good luck to the bands!   1) + 2) – 11/17 3) + 4) – 11/18 5) + 6) – 11/19 7) + 8) – 11/20 9) + 10) – 11/24 11) + 12) – 11/25 13) + 14) – 12/1 15) + 16) – 12/2 17) – 12/3 18) – 12/4 19) – 12/8 20) – 12/9 21) – 12/10 22) – 12/11 23) – 12/12 24) – 12/15 25) – 12/16 26) – 12/17 27) – 12/18 28) – 12/19 29) + 30) – 12/22 (Semi-Finals) 31) – 12/23 (Finals) NOTE – Bands that participated in last year’s tournament are not eligible for the 2014 Tournament. We wanted to give a new batch of bands the opportunity for exposure and participation.

Author Gabe Brandis in Studio 11/18

- On Tuesday, November 18th, we welcome author Gabe Brandis in studio   Are you familiar with the Hare Krishnas? Those religious guys that used to hang out at airports? What exactly were/are the Krishnas and are they still around?   Gabe Brandis is all too familiar with the Hare Krishna “religion”. While looking to further his education in Boston, Gabe met a few Hare Krishna devotees. What happened next changed his life forever. Gabe joined the religion/cult, lived in the temple, and became engrossed in the Hare Krishna religion. After witnessing parts of their practice that didn’t sit well with Gabe, he realized he wanted out. Getting out of this religion was not so easy.   Servant of the Lotus Feet: A Hare Krishna Odyssey is the true story of Gabe Brandis’ dealings with Hare Krishna. The book details the time he spent inside the temple, as well as the kidnapping required to escape the religion, and the eventually de-programming required to fully escape. On Tuesday, November 18th Gabe Brandis will be in studio to talk about this fascinating story. Servant of the Lotus Feet: A Hare Krishna Odyssey is the true story of an adolescent’s quest for spiritual meaning. Enchanted by the wisdom of the Orient, Sidd drops out of his freshman year of college in the early 1980’s to join the Hare Krishnas while visiting Boston. During the course of four years in New England and New York City, Sidd struggles as a fund-raiser for the cult. As an initiated Brahman priest, he gains privilege and responsibility.Sidd’s innocent question posed to the spiritual master in a room of hundreds of curious guests and devoted followers shakes the foundations of the temple walls, engaging the “holy man’s” wrath. Disillusioned by the contradictions and deceits perpetrated by the elders of the Indian religious cult, including his and other allegedly “pure” spiritual masters, Sidd gradually backs out of the movement. While visiting his family for a holiday reunion, Sidd is abducted and compelled to review the facts about the religious cult he had embraced. First, grab his book Servant of the Lotus Feet: A Hare Krishna Odyssey (it’s available in paperback or as an e-book). Then, tune in to Gashouse Live on Tuesday, November 18th at 8pm ET to learn more about Gabe Brandis’ story. We’ll be talking to him about his time in the Hare Krishna temple, what he learned from the entire experience and what he is up to these days. Please bring your comments and questions to our chat room!

Rainmaker Media Group

- Explore your potential with Rainmaker Media Group   Musicians, how do you get your music out to the world? How do you get your projects to the next level? Gashouse Radio receives music submissions every single day. A band’s level of professionalism plays a major role when determining which submissions we look at first. In order to achieve that level, you need to hire a professional. As you may know, there are a ton of services out there claiming to represent bands and it can be a challenge to find the right one. If you are truly ready to advance to the next level in your career, I suggest you take a look at Rainmaker Media Group. The Rainmaker Media Group ( RMG) is fearlessly creative in the pursuit of press coverage for its clients, a dedication inherent in the fact that, as an independent publicity firm, it chooses carefully which projects to take on. The Rainmaker Media Group staff is dedicated and enthusiastic and regularly goes beyond the call of duty, securing any opportunity that would be beneficial for the clients, whether it falls in the realm of conventional publicity or career development. I started The RMG in 1996 as a way to service the indie artist and music community. We work with unsigned bands, record labels and music services.We combine traditional press with cyperpress for our tailored campaigns. Some of the bands we have worked with over the last 18 years have included: Guster, The Royal Crown Review, Motion City Soundtrack, Patti Rotherberg, Gavin DeGraw, The Lumineers, Beth Thornley, Thompson Square , Rustic Overtones, Emilie Autumn, Piqued Jacks, Fiona Joy Hawkins, Deborah Henriksson, Royal Holland, The Van Burens, The Tiger Club Band, Curious Quail  and many more. I can tell you as a station owner that the submissions we receive from Rainmaker Media Group certainly stand out. The people at Rainmaker Media Group really care about the musicians they work with and it shows. Focus your time and energy on your music. Let Rainmaker Media Group worry about getting your music in the hand of the right people. RMG now service clients throughout : Europe, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Canada and the USA. “Rhonda and her team are so passionate about their artists, professional but fun to talk to at the same time…you know what they say..hardest working publicist in the biz” -MTV News Email Rockergirl363@aol.com or call 617-445-4383 right now to see if they are the right fit for your needs.  

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Philadelphia’s music scene has become incredibly strong. It has been really exciting to watch the scene grow so much. Every night in Philly there is a great show happening, and most nights it is difficult to decide which one to attend. Gashouse Radio is bringing that scene to you. Our station plays the best new music we can find from the area and around the world. Our DJs do not follow the traditional radio formats and this allows us to provide a fresh take on radio.

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