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Sonnder – CD Release This Saturday

- This week’s featured band, Sonnder, have a brand new album coming out this week, and we’re celebrating this Saturday night at Dockside Bar!   Sonnder is a relatively new band in the Philadelphia music scene. They started last year, and quickly found their spot in the scene. We’ve been spinning their original demo for a few months and even had them in-studio for an acoustic session. Recently we’ve added their first single from the new album, Thief, and that is available on Bandcamp and all songs mentioned above will be in heavy rotation all week, and always available by request.   Sonnder has a very busy week coming up. Thursday, August 21st, tune in to Gashouse Live as we welcome Sonnder back in the studio. Rather than another acoustic session, we are going to get a  first listen to the new album. The following night the band will be featured on Radio 104.5 and then Saturday, August 23rd is the big show at Dockside.   Join us Saturday at Dave & Buster’s Dockside Bar for Sonnder, Awake At Last, An Honest Year, Could’ve Been Kings, Awaking Mercury and Rivers Monroe. This is an all ages show, tickets are $10 and doors open at 6pm. We’ve booked Sonnder in the past at one of our showcases at Connie’s Ric Rac, and the band did not disappoint. Sonnder is a great live band with a lot of energy. This is going to be a great night of music, and it’s your chance to pick up the new Sonnder album!   So tune in all week, to hear Sonnder in heavy rotation. Tune in Thursday to hear a sneak peak at the new album. And while you’re listening, like them on Facebook. Let’s see if we can help them hit 1ooo likes before the show this Saturday at Dockside Bar!

Review: Atom Strange

- From New York comes prog-rockers Atom Strange who recently released a 12 track set entitled The Slot Cosmonaut. Band is: Rick Dunn (vocals), Alex Rude (Guitars), Vinnie LaRocca (Drums), Dave Kuhn (Bass).   Primary URL: http://www.atomstrange.com/ ATOM STRANGE formed in 2006 with musicians Alex Rude and Rick Dunn. They shared a vision of forming a rock band that was inspired by science fiction, true life, and the absurd, and intentionally tries to avoid the clichés normally heard in the hard rock genre. ATOM STRANGE’s debut was released in July 2007. The juxtaposition of the odd but hook laden riffs with accessible melodies makes for what is now clearly the ATOM STRANGE sound. Right from the start it might be easy to just categorize these 4 as a straight ahead “dime a dozen” hard-prog-rockers and write them off as the newest trending band around New York. It wouldn’t be wise, though. Sure, if you listen to some of the more catchier moments within this 12 song line-up that’s the impression you might likely get. However I think there’s a method to their madness. There are some really well -crafted songs on this CD that dare to step outside the traditional rock music boundaries. Atom Strange are a quartet of hard rocking dudes, but the music they create is nevertheless high class all the way. Influences might be Hendrix, SRV, Tool, Foo Fighters, Coheed and Cambria, Muse, Nine Inch Nails, and Black Sabbath, it’s no surprise that Atom Strange confirms their dedicated prog-rock heritage. Moving forward, this band has a solid focus on crafting groovy-tripped out hard rock n’ roll as they evolve both as musicians and a band. As a vocalist let’s just say Dunn isn’t afraid to push the envelope a bit. Of course much of the music goes against the grain of traditional rock and as a result really opens up the CD. This enhances the listening experience rather than limit it for me. So there’s really not a lot about Atom Strange that’s “dime a dozen” is there. Zeroing in on their sound – these guys are obviously experienced at performing, producing and writing dynamic music, but how the music is delivered (speaker to ear) makesthem stand out from other artists and bands. I mean we take a lot for granted between the lines and notes. Although some would claim there’s nothing here that hasn’t been done before – if you listen to the songs carefully the devil is in the details. It’s had to explain but each song capture strong musical synergy that exists on this CD. Perhaps all of this and more is why a band like Atom Strange is on our radar screens in the first place. Forgive me if I’m talking in circles – but some bands and artists can deliver music that’s pretty straight forward, conservative and painfully simple – yet brilliant in scope. Top Track is “Space Man.” I wish Dunn really let loose on vocals on some of the rough and tumble parts. Let’s hear that blood curling scream! Despite this they are remarkably clean and tight sounding band. Atom Strange is a one of a kind release from a one of a kind band that’s closely tied to new age rock like Tool, Muse on steroids, Tomahawk, Fantomas and Peeping Tom. But there’s a more classic hard rock to them as well – like Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Loveage, Primus and Screaming Trees. EPK: http://www.sonicbids.com/band/atomstrange/press/ Rodney Kipp

3rd Annual Liberty Music Festival

- The third annual Liberty Music Festival (LMF) returns to Philadelphia on August 20th to August 24th. Organizers, DVT Entertainment and That Mag announced this year’s event will take place at Finnegan’s Wake on Spring Garden. All four floors will be utilized to present the biggest independent music festival yet in the Philadelphia area.   Liberty Music Festival is expected to have more than 100 different performers this year. All genres of music will be represented including Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, Punk, Indie, and more. Artists had to submit online to be considered for a performance slot. The schedule has been announced for the event and features acts such as The Blackfires (NY) who recent played with Aerosmith in Russia, EDM breakout artist MiTiS, bluegrass funk band The Currys hailing from Florida, Giffords Lane, a grade school age band that has been featured of WMMR’s Preston & Steve’s and many more.   LMF has partnered up with numerous underground promoters in Philadelphia to bring together a unity among the scene with Broad Street Music Group, Gashouse Radio, Official Philly: Hip Hop & RnB Showcase and Phreedom Events bringing an EDM electricity to festival.   In addition to the performances, Liberty Music Festival will also feature VIP Parties, vendor tables, music industry panels, workshops and mentoring sessions. Some of the topics to be included are Hear the real Road Story w/ The Tour Managers, Social Media: Tactics to gain more exposure, Producers, Publishing & Licensing your music, Booking Agents/Talent buyers: booking correctly opening more opportunities, The Art of Remixing your music for EDM, Dance clubs and more, Beats vs. the Rhymes: Beat Makers and Area MCs will demonstrate composing songs, and the final panel “The State of the Philadelphia Music Scene” a no holds barred discussion about what real is happening from an artist’s and industry perspectives.   Liberty Music Festival is the brain child of Jim Thorpe, Brian Cronin, and Vince Volz. All three have been instrumental in the music scene for years. Together they created the festival to celebrate, educate, and showcase musical talent from out the region. Each day costs: $10, VIP Package: $40 – includes admission to all 5 days and all VIP Parties 5-Day Package: $20 – includes admission to all 5 days Tickets can be found at www.dvtevents.com   Other sponsors include Starr Hill Brewery, Exponent Entertainment, SSA Music, Unclaimed Bands, Dewey Beach Music Conference, Broken Goblet Brewing, Paystr, Uber, Broad Street Music Group, Maverick Entertainment, Phreedom Events, Gashouse Radio, Mirror Image Media, Finnigans Wake,   To learn more about Liberty Music Festival and to see the full schedule, visit www.libertymusicfest.com.   If interested in attending please send an email confirming to dvtevents@gmail.com.   Click to enlarge

The Discount Heroes

- This week’s featured band, The Discount Heroes, have a reunion show this Friday night at Connie’s Ric Rac!   The Discount Heroes are part of the Connie’s Ric Rac history. They were a great band with fun stage presence and well-written songs. Their shows felt more like parties and less like gigs. I say “were” because the Discount Heroes disbanded a few years back. The band grew from an acoustic duo to a 5 piece in just a  few short years. They managed to tour across the country, playing a few major shows along the way. St. Patty’s Day NYC Release Party at The Alphabet Lounge, Cat Club on The Sunset Strip, and they were even invited to perform as special musical guest at the Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Theatre in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, like so many talented bands we’ve seen over the years, it eventually came time for the members to move on to other projects.   Click for Facebook Event Page This Friday, The Discount Heroes are re-emerging for an acoustic reunion show at Connie’s Ric Rac. This night is filled with Ric Rac regulars including Daniel Collins, Andrew Napoli, and James Hearne. If that weren’t enough for your Friday night, Fight the Fear will be coming down from Connecticut for a set as well.  Now we have a special Backyard Broadcast this Friday night. After that, we are bringing everyone over to Connie’s for the after-party.   So there you have half a dozen reasons to head out to Connie’s Ric Rac this Friday night. Tune in to Gashouse Radio all week to hear The Discount Heroes in heavy rotation. We’ll be starting every episode of Gashouse Live with DH track as well. Then tune in to the Backyard Broadcast Friday at 6pm ET, and meet us at Connie’s afterwards!   And while you’re anxiously waiting for Friday, why not hit the Discount Heroes Reverbnation page and pick up a free download? Add to Your Calendar: Artist: The Discount Heroes Reunion! Date: 08/15/14 Time: 8:00pm Venue: Connie’s Ric Rac City: Philadelphia , PA Address: 1132 S 9th St Venue phone: (215) 279-7587 Country: US Age restrictions: 21+ Notes: Plus many special guests Add to Google Calendar | Download iCal [ { "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Event", "name": "The Discount Heroes Reunion!", "startDate": "2014-08-15T20:00:00", "url": "http://gashouseradio.com/discount-heroes/", "description": "Plus many special guests", "typicalAgeRange": "21+", "performers": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "The Discount Heroes Reunion!" }, "location": { "@type": "Place", "name": "Connie’s Ric Rac", "url": "http://www.conniesricrac.com", "telephone": "(215) 279-7587", "address": { "@type": "PostalAddress", "streetAddress": "1132 S 9th St", "addressLocality": "Philadelphia", "addressRegion": "PA", "postalCode": "19147", "addressCountry": "US" } } } ]

Review: Azwel – From Now On

- “From Now On” Azwel / 2014 I came into this review a little blind on what to expect of Azwel. I was pleasantly pleased with getting to know this artist musically. Azwel is a project that involves songwriter Jason Perrillo from New York. For more than a decade, he has been releasing albums. There is an impressive catalog available online. My initial thought when hearing “From Now On” on a dry run is that it reminded me of the Beatles and Nick Drake.  The voice kept brining me back to a combination of John Lennon and Ben Folds. In reflection, I realized that this may have been due to my own limitations in the scope of my tastes. By doing some additional research, Azwel has a strong influence in 90’s Brit Pop. It is a good combination of artists like Pulp, Happy Monday, Inspirations Carpets, and Dodgy. Even for a novice of the genre, it is very engaging.   Musically, “From Now On” has a balanced and full sound. It took listening to the album with headphones to really hear all the subtle nuances. I’ve always appreciated those kind of nuances, they are sometimes lost on the general listener. However, it is at times the piece that holds the composition together. The tones and instrumentation are nothing short of beautiful. The songs are structured well with creative and powerful atmospheres. The strings in “Convalescence” are haunting when added with the easiness of the vocals.  The guitar and keyboard tones vary between each song, helping to develop a clear distinction of each piece. I am a fan of the way the horns are added in an imaginative and original way.  Vocally, Jason has a distinct warm sound. His strong baritone is smooth and refined, with dynamic qualities that pull the listener into the lyrics.  The whole album is layered in harmonies that give an inventive and varied complement to the lead vocals and instrumentation.   I often judge an album by how often I am singing it when I am not listening. “From Now On” has me hooked. It is hard for me to pick a favorite off the album, however I hum “The Writing On The Wall” pretty often. Is that a Hammond? Nice.  Remember, I was a complete novice to the genre. If you already like Brit Pop, you will appreciate Azwel. Vocally alone it separates itself from the rest of the genre. If you are looking for a beautiful album that is both soothing and catchy, this is the record for you.  I look forward to more releases from Jason Perrillo. If you are interested in checking out more from Azwel or an additional project called Azwel + Julian check out:  http://www.azwel.com/home. You won’t be disappointed. Respectfully, Paris  

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