Welcome to Gashouse Radio! We are an internet radio station dedicated to supporting the independent arts. We have a selection of podcasts, live shows, and some of the best music (both independent and under-played mainstream) we can find.

While we are based in Philly, we do not just support Philadelphia music. The music we play and the bands we support come from all over the world. Click Now Playing to find out more about the music you are hearing right now on Gashouse. There you can also request a song.

In addition to our broadcast media, Gashouse Radio puts together live events all around the Philadelphia area. Check out our Concert Calendar to see the full list of upcoming events.


Member of the Radio Indie Alliance.

In the News

June, 24Astronauts of Antiquity – “Paradise”
June, 24The Lowest Pair – Uncertain as It Is Uneven
June, 23Moon & Pollution – The Box Borealis
June, 22Junk Parlor – Mick Jagger’s Heart

Upcoming Events

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