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Still Life 050 Photo of the Interval

Heart-Shaped Box

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The Impossible is Possible Tonight

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300px Taco Bell logo.svg The Impossible is Possible Tonight

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It’s Tuesday, and that means at 8pm eastern you’ll be tuning your intrawebs to for Gashouse Live!

We have a special guest in the 4th seat tonight, and our featured band of the week is Echo Movement, who coincidentally have a brand new album out today! So go get it, and we’ll discuss the band a little more tonight.

Plus, our Smashing Pumpkins news continues to roll on, as does our ever-so-depressing Suicide News. We’ve got a great Justice for All segment tonight involving a man suing for being fat, and on a related note our question of the week: Should food stamps be allowed to use at places like Taco Bell? Be sure to join the chatroom and let us know your opinion!

Music news from Courtney Love to Van Halen to Mighty Mighty Bosstones and we’ve got a few follow-ups from last week’s stories. Do not miss this show tonight! Everyone’s gonna be talking about it tomorrow at work and you’ll feel left out and be sad for the rest of the day. No one wants to see that.

Tonight, 8pm eastern, only on

 The Impossible is Possible Tonight

Today’s Debut Band: Kill Betty

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61876 438886857453 180354627453 5063556 75314 n Todays Debut Band: Kill BettyOn Brain Office, weekdays 5pm – 7pm ET, we debut a new band every show. Today’s band is Westminster, MD rock band call Kill Betty.

Formerly these guys were in a funk band called Betty in Black. After that band ceased they decided they wanted to get back together but change the sound. They picked up a new guitarist and found their heavier sound which is now known as Kill Betty.

So tune in today and vote on their tracks. This helps us determine how often their songs play in regular rotation.

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Krik Fest II Recap

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Despite the threat of thunderstorms and the flooding Krik Fest II took place this past Saturday at Dean Cassmiri’s Old Colonial Inn in Hulmeville, PA and it turned out to be an incredible day of music. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, better bands, atmosphere or crowd.

HonorAmondThieves 300x225 Krik Fest II Recap

Honor Among Thieves 2nd year in a row at Krikfest.

David Beck started off the event with some acoustic music as the crowd filed in. New York’s  Honor Among Thieves followed with a slightly heavier sound that rocked and really set the bar for the rest of the day.

COB 300x225 Krik Fest II Recap

Citizens of Baskerville.

Next up was Citizens of Baskerville, a hip hop duo that came all the way from Santa Barbara, CA to play Kirk Fest II. With Amir on vocals and Will on guitar, Citizens brought a very unique sound to the show.

RobertRossRevival1 300x225 Krik Fest II Recap

Robert Ross Revival

Robert Ross Revival followed and put on a very very entertaining, unexpected show. We weren’t sure what to expect with these guys but they delivered great rock n roll with a stage a presence that you couldn’t stop watching.

bsr e1315864777832 225x300 Krik Fest II Recap

Nick from Black Sun Rising.

Black Sun Rising played their first show ever at Krik Fest this year and they definitely made a lasting impact on the crowd. A heavier sound mixed with melodic vocals really won the crowd over. This was a great start to band that you’ll be seeing all around Philadelphia very soon.

RufusJFisk1 300x225 Krik Fest II Recap

Rufus J Fisk - the man without a face.

Rufus J Fisk had a tough act to follow, but did not disappoint. They’re energetic stage presence mixed with a very tight, heavy band and the vocals of MC Analytical kept the crowd’s undivided attention. This was the first time I saw these guys live and I’ll definitely be catching them again when they are back in Philly.

RLL1 300x225 Krik Fest II Recap

Red Letter Life.

Red Letter Life delivered a high energy show as they always do with very catchy piano work, strong guitar leads and a solid rhythm section. They also played a few songs from their new upcoming release Turn On Red. RLL know how to get a crowd moving and this year’s Krik fest II performance was no exception.

SonsofKryppton1 300x225 Krik Fest II Recap

Sons of Krypton.

Suns of Krypton were the next band to take the stage. Not only did these guys coordinate the entire event, but they managed to put together a great playlist of original tunes.  Everyone in the band brings their own style to the table and yet the songs have a very strong sense of accord. The set went seamlessly from heavy to light and back again, keeping the attentive crowd entertained throughout.

leianna e1315865701967 225x300 Krik Fest II Recap


And finally, Leiana closed out the night with her own brand of hard rock/punk. Leiana’s latest album Lucky #3 sounds incredible and the band was able to reproduce the big sound of the album live at Krik Fest II. Leiana’s vocals cut through the heavy guitars and driving rhythm perfectly. This band has a lot of shows coming up in Philly in the next few weeks so if you missed them Saturday, get out to the next one!

So the event was a huge success, and that is all thanks to the work of a handful of people. It is not easy to organize an event of this size from months of preparation to a thousand challenges throughout the day. Ken from Suns of Krypton put in a lot of work and really deserves a lot of credit for such a successful show.

There’s so many others that also deserve some recognition including all the bands that performed, Jake and the rest of the sound team, the staff at Dean Cassmiri’s and everyone who came out to support the show. I’d also like to thank Amy and Bee Cee for helping with the live broadcast as well as Nikki for helping us to adjust the mix from a listener’s standpoint. We had a great time for the second year in a row and we’re already looking forward to next year.

Photos and videos of the event are soon to follow.







 Krik Fest II Recap

Today’s Debut Band: Lunchroom Legends

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310118 10150268498096814 325627366813 8347496 6084393 n Todays Debut Band: Lunchroom LegendsEveryday on Brain Office we debut a new band on the station. We ask our listeners to vote on each track (you can vote with the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on our player and also on our Android and iPhone apps). These votes help us determine how much each song is played in regular rotation.

Today’s band is Philadelphia duo Lunchroom Legends. These young artists combine rap, r&b, pop and rock into their sound. They’ve got a few tracks listed on Facebook, and you can also check out their YouTube account.

So tune in to Brain Office today, 5pm – 7pm ET and let us know what you think of Lunchroom Legends. Vote on the tracks and join the conversation in our chat room.

 Todays Debut Band: Lunchroom Legends
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