Millennium Music ConferenceFriday, February 15, 2013


The 17th Annual Millennium Music Conference will be taking place from February 14th – 17th in Harrisburg, PA.

This year, Brian Cronin of “THAT MAG” was asked to host a showcase of Philadelphia’s best regional acts.

8pm: The Great SOCIO (

9pm: The Lux (

10pm: The Parsnip Revolt (

11pm: Song Dogs (

12pm: The Standing Cinema (



“Lyrics about life, love and paranoia meet four keyboards of perfect sound. Monster-huge bass lines and a trumpet-wielding frontman bring together a brave new look into the heart of rock music.

Formed out of the Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, and Philadelphia PA, The Great SOCIO flaunts a unique brand of synth and bass led groove rock. They are influenced by bands like the Doors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cake, and Incubus.”


“As witnessed through their live shows and heard on their recordings, vocalist/songwriter Darren Glynn, guitarist/vocalist Joe Ryan, bassist/vocalist Shawn Rody, and percussionist Mike Dillon have ravenously absorbed influences ranging from the classic sounds of 60’s pop to the hard edge of 90’s rock and have filtered them all through their own unique musical perceptions.

The ensuing musical infusion is a highly entertaining mix of styles, yielding brilliant vocal melodies, harmonies, rhythmic guitars, singing bass lines, and driving drum beats with an acoustic sensibility that creates catchy, yet edgy songs that are both fun and engaging to listen to.”


“Striving for perfection can be a detailed and hard earned journey. The biggest critic of any musical group is usually themselves. The Parsnip Revolt is that very scenario in motion; many times starting a project from scratch in an effort to steer it into the proper lane. With their new album, A Sunshine Report, The Parsnip Revolt has found their own open highway to successful longevity.

Rooted in melodic alternative rock, the new and exciting album, A Sunshine Report, represents the band’s continued commitment to their craft, their sound, and most importantly, their fans.”


“Song dogs is a 6-piece Americana rock band bringing prairie-heavy rock and railroad tone to the city of Brotherly Love. Formed in 2009, Song Dogs released their first self-titled EP in 2011 and their debut full-length album Wild Country was released in December, 2012.

Song Dogs has been building an audience around Philadelphia and the Tri-state area for 3 years. Their full length album, Wild Country, was produced by Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Sheep Dogs, Toy Soldiers, Grandchildren, Man Man, Lotus) at Waking Studios in East Falls.”


“Donovan Rice started out in Philadelphia as a solo singer/songwriter, getting his name out there by playing at open mics and eventually releasing an EP and full length album. His songwriting and performances eventually caught the attention of two other area musicians, Billy Rose and Dave DeHart. After an undeniable chemistry, the three decided to carry on as a power trio, collaborating styles and forming a collective energy seen on stage in various live performances over the past year.”

via Millennium Music Conference (HARRISBURG) – Philadelphia Showcase.