Amber Ladd vs Sam Page

Wow, talk about drama and excitement! If you missed yesterdays Gashouse Live (weekdays 5pm ET) then you missed one hell of a match up. It looked for a minute like Amber Ladd was going to be knocked out of the champion spot after 14 days, just 1 single day before retirement. Satire Saints have a great sound, and proved to be Amber’s toughest challenge so far. The voting went back and forth, and at the end of the day, Amber pulled through. So today is her 15th straight appearance in Band vs Band. When a band reaches 15 straight, they are done with the competition and known as a “retired champion”. Only 5 have done it in history.


 Sam Page doesn’t want to see this happen. This southern California artists writes guitar-driven pop rock, and catchy tunes at that. We’ve had a few early tracks from Sam these past few months, but recently got a hold of his new album Breach. It’s currently out as a digital release, and the physical copy will be available in March. Go to to sample and pick up the new album, and check out Gashouse Live this afternoon.


Tune in today at 5pm ET and help decide the fate of these 2 talented musicians (really both of them are already in heavy rotation and remain so). Will Amber Ladd make it to retirement? Will Sam Page knock her out on the very last day?! It’s entirely up to you.


In addition to all this great music, we’ll also be debuting JacksonVegas, Zen-Drivers and Tru Fam. Gashouse Live, weekdays 5pm Et only on!