Amber Ladd vs Satire Saints

Two more. Only two more “battles” and Amber Ladd could walk away from Band vs Band unscathed as a retired champion. Everyday on Gashouse Live we match up 2 artists head to head, and our listeners decide which of the 2 they want to hear the following day as well. Amber has 13 days in a row, and today she’s looking for day 14. We also mentioned on yesterday’s show that Amber, a Boston artist, will be playing Hebe Music on March 22nd! Tune in today at 5pm ET for more information.


Satire Saints are no stranger to Gashouse Live. We debuted the band earlier this month, and the listeners decided that they needed to hear more of these guys. So we immediately added them to the Band vs Band promo, and today at 5pm ET you’ll hear 3 songs. This alt-rock 3 piece out of Georgia have only been together a few months, but all have a ton of experience in the Atlanta music scene. So find them on Facebook and tune in today at 5pm!


In addition to this gigantic match-up, we’ll also be debuting Denise Dao, Sister Midnight and glen landing. It’s an international edition of the show! So tune in to Gashouse Live, weekdays 5pm ET only on