Amber Ladd vs The Dark in Here

Amber Ladd took down our 4-day reigning champion Kalance Theory yesterday on Gashouse Live. Amber has a unique sound and style unlike anything we’ve had on Gashouse Live, and our listeners are curious to hear more. Amber Ladd, originally from Ontario, makes all of her music herself. She writes, samples, sings, and plays everything you hear. We’ve been sampling a few tracks from her album it which you can pick up on her bandcamp page. Today Amber faces The Dark in Here.


The Dark in Here are a New Orleans rock band with many influences – from industrial to alternative to mainstream. While members of the band have been involved in many projects over the years, The Dark in Here have only been together for less than a year. Their debut album is now available in the Music Store on their Facebook.


On Gashouse Live today at 5pm ET you will hear 3 songs from both artists. We need your opinion! Use the thumbs up/down buttons during the songs to give us your honest opinion. After the 3 rounds of Band vs Band, the band with the most votes will move on to the next day. The votes also determine how often we play the music in regular rotation, and a good amount of votes could land a song in our Top 10 Countdown, everyday at 3pm ET!


If that weren’t enough, we’ve got a brand new single from Give Me Gravity, plus the debut of Photo Electric and Base 11. Tune in at 5pm ET today only on