Amber Ladd vs Wooden HEZ

Amber Ladd has now won 7 straight battles on Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band. She’s now lasted longer than 90% of the bands we’ve met in the past year. Find Amber on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Bandcamp and find out more about this Boston, MA artist. In addition to Gashouse Live, you can also hear Amber in our Top 10 Countdown (voted by our listeners, everyday at 3pm ET) and of course you can always auto-request a song throughout the day.


This will definitely be Amber’s greatest challenge so far. Wooden HEZ are a Philly alt-rock, currently ranked 7th in Philadelphia on Reverbnation. Last week we debuted a track from their new album Children’s Parade, and the instant feedback in our chat room was overwhelming. So much so that the song instantly entered the Top 10 Countdown. Tune in today to hear 3 songs from their latest album, and head over to The Level Room on January 24th to check out Wooden HEZ live. Also, go to for more information on the band and upcoming shows.


Today at 5pm ET we’ll play 3 songs from Amber Ladd and 3 songs from Wooden HEZ. We’ll ask you to click thumbs up/down during each song to let us know your opinion. At the end of the show, the band with the most votes moves on to the next day. Also, we’ll be debuting the music of Brian Medlin & the Elk BandCraig Black, and Magnus Wikholm. Gashouse Live, weekdays at 5pm ET, only on