Amber Ladd vs Writing Off Tomorrow

Yesterday we took a little break from Band vs Band to bring you New Music Monday, but now its back to business. Amber Ladd is looking to continue her incredible 8-day winning streak today at 5pm ET. It’s not going to be easy for any band to challenge Amber. She has 2 albums full of great tracks to choose from, and it looks like our listeners are enjoying all of them. She’s ranked #8 in the Boston area on Reverbnation. Go there and see for yourself, and grab a bunch of free downloads while you’re at it. And if you like those, please go to and pick up the album.


If anyone has a chance at taking the BvB Champion status, it is Writing Off Tomorrow. I say that because this band was debuted once, and immediately hit the Top 10 Countdown (everyday at 3pm ET). Since then, their song All The Blood I Need has made it’s way to the #2 spot in the Countdown (right behind Amber). This melodic metal band out of WV has a great album Last Moments available at their site, Read more about them on their site, and tune in today at 5pm ET!


We’re gonn aplay 3 songs from each band, and we’d like to get your opinion on all the songs we play. You opinions determine which band moves on to the next day. Both these artists are already a solid part of the Gashouse rotation, but only one can be the Band vs Band champ!