free ringtonesBands, do you offer your fans ringtones of your songs? If you could create free ringtones then why wouldn’t you, right? A ringtone is great exposure for your band. Every time that fan’s phone rings, it’s another chance to pick up a new fan.


That may seem like a difficult task at first glance, but Audiko has made it easier than ever to create ringtones! Simply upload a track using their convenient online tool and Audiko will turn that song into a ringtone, for FREE! The online tool they’ve created makes it very easy to pick out the piece of the song you want to use as the ringtone (e.g. you can grab just the chorus). The tool is so easy to use, it’s fun. Download the free ringtones in mp3, m4a, wma, ogg, and other popular music formats.


If you already have your songs posted somewhere, than creating these ringtones is even easier. You can either upload a track, or just enter the URL of a track. Simple.


In addition to their convenient ringtone creation tool, Audiko has 1000’s of free ringtones to choose from on their site. Download iPhone ringtones for free (and Android for that matter), or create ringtones right on their site and download them for free. The ringtones that they offer on their site are surprisingly current as well. a lot of times these “free ringtones” sites are filled with a bunch of old songs that nobody wants. Audiko are on top of things!


It’s important to keep your fans engaged and interested. Ringtones of your songs would be something unique you can offer on your website, and Audiko can make it happen.