gashouse liveAs you know, Gashouse Live is every single weekday from 5-7pm ET. On the show we discuss everything entertainment, mostly focused on the music industry. We also bring you brand new music everyday, and our segment Band vs Band allows us to heavily promote 2 new bands everyday. Not to mention we give away free tshirts, CDs, tickets, etc every day with our game of #RadioRoulette.


Rather than spend a ton of time creating a podcast of the show everyday, we decided the best idea would be to create a brand new show each week that is strictly for our podcast friends. This show will be less than hour and will basically sum up the previous week while giving you a preview of the week ahead.


So here is our first episode of the new podcast. It features the music of Sweet Leda, Amber Ladd, Wooden Hez, Jonas Carping, Medic, John Schrader Band, Lyric Dubee, Colorstone, Abbe May, The Tax, Born of the Stars, White Blush, The Years, Craig Black, Maxwell Johnson, Brian Medlin & the Elk Band and The Quixote Project.