myspace-newI can appreciate Justin Timberlake’s interest in starting a new website that is geared towards helping musicians. Facebook is certainly not perfect when it comes to band pages.


But you know what is a really good website for promoting your band to the masses? Reverbnation. It’s already been done Timberlake.


Not only that, but I think trying to re-brand a website that has failed, and even become the butt of a few nerdy jokes, is not the way to go. Someone like Justin Timberlake can take a run down old bar and turn it into the coolest destination in a city; he’s got the money and the fame to make this happen. It doesn’t work the same for a website.


Myspace died. JT would be way better off if he just created a new site from scratch, rather than trying to rebuild a dead website.


What do you think, will you give Myspace a shot, or stick to what you’ve been using?

MySpace is finally back and open to the public. As we have said in the past it just doesn’t make sense to drive fans there, and from the browsing I did this morning, I would still stand by that opinion. With that said, I would love to be proven wrong. If you yourself or you see another artist doing something cool on MySpace–with a cool layout or fan retention tools–leave a comment on this post and alert us to it.

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