New Music Monday

Today on Gashouse Live we’re introducing a new segment of the show called New Music Monday.


We get so many submissions everyday from bands across the world. We like to ensure that we give each band a fair amount of exposure and attention. Because of this, our inbox starts to become overrun with submissions.


So decided to dedicate one show a month to nothing but new music. So instead of Band vs Band on Gashouse Live, we are going to introduce you to a ton of new artists, and we need you to give us your opinion on each using the thumbs up/down buttons on the player. These votes will determine if we hear more from each band. Here’s who we got lined up for the show today:


So tune in today at 5pm ET! We’ll play one track from each band, and your opinion counts! Of course, we’ll also be playing #RadioRoulette for a chance to win Tshirts, albums, tickets, stickers, etc.