Sandy Hook ElementaryIt’s a brand new year, and what better way to start this year than doing something to help others.

OTiS is a great band out of Brooklyn, and their frontman Craig is originally from Newtown, CT; the location of the horrible Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy that occured in December. Craig has put together a fundraiser for the victims in Newtown, and we’d like to help spread the word of this worthy cause. Just 1 dollar will help reach the goal and earn you a free song from OTiS. Please visit The One Song, One Dollar, One Town donation page and just give $1. It’s very easy.


My name is Craig, and I was born and raised in Newtown, CT.  It was a beautiful place to grow up, and I will always think of Newtown as my home.  In light of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I have decided to organize an online fundraiser to benefit the families of the 26 children and faculty members that were lost on that day.

My hope is to raise $26,000- one dollar at a time.  By keeping the suggested donation price at $1 (you can always donate more if you wish), we can allow anyone the opportunity to donate to this fund, and when we reach our goal of $26,000 we will have reached it together.  As a community, as a town.

The song “Leaving Home,” (which can be streamed by clicking ‘play’ on the video box icon with the black ‘Town of Newtown’ ribbon) is available for free download to all who donate.  It was written for my wife a couple of months ago, and then recorded after a recent trip to Newtown on the 16th of December.  The song is about love, staying together, supporting one another, loss, moving on, and being brave in the face of the unknown.  It seemed appropriate that this song be included as a part of this fundraiser.


All proceeds of this fundraiser will go directly to the United Way of Western CT in support of the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.