Fears End

Atlas and the Astronaut are back after a big win this past Friday on Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band. This Vancouver, WA post-punk band is the current favorite of the show and we’ll be playing 3 more tracks today at 5pm ET.

“…we finally have a powerhouse rock band that actually mixes progressive rock, punk, and postmodern rock perfectly. This band rocks… loud!”
– Mark Johnson, Seaoftranquility.org

Make sure you follow Atlas and the Astronaut on Facebook. There you will learn more about a huge they have coming up on March 16th. They are playing for a chance to be a part of DRD Records (The Decemberists, The Shins, Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes) and if you’re in the WA area, they could use your help! Tune in today to support the band as they face a tough challenger.
Fears End debuted on the show a few weeks ago, and they were another band to instantly appear in the Top 10 Countdown (everyday 3pm ET) after their appearance. Fears End can be described as cinematic epic rock with electronica influences. They’re a solid band who received a ton of praise in our chat room on their debut, so this should be a very interesting match-up.
On Gashouse Live today at 5pm ET we will play 3 songs from each artist. while listening to the song, we want to know your honest opinion. Use the thumbs up/down buttons on every song you hear. The band with the most votes during Band vs Band will move on to the next day. Also, we’ll be debuting , and . So tune in to Gashouse Live, weekdays 5pm ET, only on www.gashouseradio.com!