E-Mute vs Circle

E-Mute is our new Band vs Band champion on Gashouse Live! Shadowplay had a nice little run, but E-Mute has knocked them out of the top spot. These guys are a very new, very talented band out of London. After only 1 appearance on Band vs Band, E-Mute has shot to the 2nd spot on the top 10 Countdown as well (everyday at 3pm ET).  Judging by the chat room’s reaction, I think we’ll be hearing a ton more E-Mute. Check out emutemusic.com to learn more, and tune in today at 5pm ET.


Circle debuted the same day E-Mute did on Band vs Band back in January. They are an Australian rock band and they’ve been together since 2005. Their song The Magician Part 1 received plenty of positive feedback so we wanted to bring them back to hear more. Check out ilovecircle.com for more info.


Today at 5pm ET we’ll play 3 songs from each band, and we’ll ask you to vote on each song with the thumbs up/down buttons. At the end of the show, the band with the most positive votes will stay on the show for the following day. We’ll also be debuting  and . So make sure you tune in at 5pm ET, join the chat room and participate! We also give away free stuff everyday in our game of #RadioRoulette!