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R2HT (every other Tuesday 8pm ET) Episode 4 had some  very special in-studio guests Sean Tiedeman and Richie Knucklez. During the show we talked up the upcoming documentary The King of Arcades. Plus, we had a ton of big names call in from the world of competitive gaming.

king of arcades

Richie Knucklez’ arcade, appropriately titled The Richie Knucklez Arcade, is one of the biggest arcade phenomenons in the world. Now it is the focus of the highly anticipated documentary The King of Arcades. Along with award-winning director Sean Tiedman, this documentary captures video-gaming as an art.


Any fans of video games cannot miss this show as Sean and Richie talk to the gang about arcade games, Twin Galaxies, old school gaming, and more!


Plus, tune in this week as R2HT will be interviewing Phife Diggy of Tribe Called Quest! R2HT, Tuesdays 8pm ET only on www.gashouseradio.com!