Band vs Band

We’re moving to day 5 with Magnificent Birds of Prey! The last time an artist won this many straight on Band vs Band, she went on to become one of only six retired champions. Magnificent Birds of Prey are a talented up and coming band out of Philadelphia. We’re looking forward to the new E.P, but for now we’ve got a hold of 3 tracks which you can hear today at 5pm ET.


The Marshall Pass is an indie folk duo out of Massachusetts. I don’t know too much about the band itself, however if you check out their Facebook page you will see a wall full of positive feedback. From radio play to album reviews, and they’ve only been playing together since November. Go to the The Marshall Pass Bandcamp and check out their album Phantom Train.


Today at 5pm ET we’ll be playing 3 songs from each band. We need your hep deciding which band will come back to play Band vs Band again tomorrow. Use the thumbs up.down buttons to let us know what you think during each song (and every song played on Gashouse for that matter). We’ll also be debuting  and . Tune in today at 5pm ET, only on