Shadowplay vs E-Mute

Shadowplay holds on again, to make today their third straight appearance in Gashouse Live‘s Band vs Band. Their album Visions has been in heavy rotation recently on Gashouse Radio and if you go to their Reverbnation you can hear a few samples. Shadowplay will be at World Cafe Live on March 17th.


E-Mute is another brand new artist to Gashouse that has been getting some positive feedback in our chat room. They are an indie pop band, and they’re ranked #11 in all of London on Reverbnation! Each member of the group have a very impressive resume, and you definitely want to tune in to Gashouse Live to hear more.


Today at 5pm ET we will play three songs from both bands. We ask that you tune in and listen to each song carefully, and give your honest opinion on each using the thumbs up/down buttons. The band with the most votes at the end of the show will move on to the following day.


By the way, you can vote on every song you hear thoughout the day. These votes determine how often a song plays, and if a song makes our Top 10 Countdown.


Also on today’s show we’ll be debuting Ikil Oriion and Horseman5. So tune in to Gashouse Live and share your opinion! 5pm ET, only on