Gashouse Live

Amber Ladd is now the 6th artists to become a retired champion! That means Amber entered Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band 15 times straight, and won them all. So today we start fresh with 2 brand new bands, and we’ll see which one will be back to battle on Monday.


Shadowplay have been in rotation for quite some time. They’re currently on tour, but will be back in the Philly area in March for a big show at World Cafe Live on 3/17. Their album Visions is in heavy rotation already, and today at 5pm ET you’ll hear 3 tracks from the album. Go to to find out where they’re playing next and sample a few more tracks.


Maxwell Jackson were just recently debuted on Gashouse Live. Their song got such a positive response that we immediately added them to the Band vs Band segment. This Swedish band has a great sound. In addition to Gashouse Live, you can hear more of them on their Soundcloud page.


So tune in today at 5pm ET for Gashouse Live. We’ll play 3 songs from each artist. You the listener will tell us your opinion on each song using the thumbs up/down buttons. the band with the most thumbs up at the end of the show will stay on Gashouse Live for the following battle on Monday. We’ll also be debuting Kill Kasper, Magnificent Birds of Prey and Jim N the Crickets. Gashouse Live, pm Et only on!