You’ve got options for awesome shows this coming Saturday night. the important thing is that you pick one and get there. Support the local original music scene and you will find some amazing new music taking over your ipod. Saturday, among a few other options, there are two shows we’d like you to consider:


Deciderata @ Milkboy PhillyNorth Star Bar

Deciderata are our featured band of the week. We saw these guys a few months ago at Milkboy, and they killed it. They are a high energy band, and I guarantee you that room will be packed and moving. They don’t play Philly very often, so don’t miss this chance to see them!


MBOPMagnificent Birds of Prey @ Connie’s Ric Rac

Recently MBOP ran through a 15-day tear of Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band to become only the 7th “retired champion”. While they are all seasoned musicians, this lineup has only been together for a few months, and Connie’s will be their first Philly performance. Look for many more in the future for this up and coming talent.



2 options for your Saturday night, and if there are anymore, please feel free to leave a comment below. The important thing is that you pick one and go. You won’t be disappointed!