This week’s featured artist needs little introduction to our regular listeners of Gashouse Live. Amber Ladd is a solo artist from Canada, currently living in the Boston, MA area. Between the Top 10 Countdown, the full album plays, and Gashouse Live, Amber Ladd has mad a lasting impression on Gashouse Radio. And next week, we can add a live performance to the list.


Amber first showed up on our Band vs Band segment. Her soulful voice, heartfelt lyrics and unique use of instrumentation and electronics pushed her through 15 straight appearances and Amber became the 6th “retired champion” in the game’s history.


While some of my favorite songs are on her first album tRip, her second album it has seen the most success on the station. The track Repeats and Replays was the number 1 song on the Top 10 Countdown (listen everyday at 5pm ET) for the month of February. That same song is already in the #2 spot for March.


On March 22nd Amber add will be making her first area appearance at Hebe Music in Mt Holly, NJ. This is an unusual event, because Gashouse Live will be live from Hebe as well.


5pm – 7pm ET:

Tune in to Gashouse Radio for our regular show, only the show will be live from the stage at Hebe Music. You can come in and be a part of our studio audience, or join uns online in the chat room. We’ll be doing our usual segments, including a special edition of #RadioRoulette. Amber will join us for an interview and a few short songs.


8pm – 11:30pm ET:

Come out to Hebe Music for a great lineup of music, including a full set form Amber Ladd. She’ll be joined by Magan Knight, Jekyll and Hyde and Chelsea Carlton. 


So tune in all week to hear Amber in heavy rotation. You’ll hear a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (weekdays 6-9pm). She will also be in heavy rotation all next week as we prepare for the big show at Hebe music on Friday March 22nd!.