Yesterday on Gashouse Live, Magnificent Birds of Prey became only the 7th band in our history to enter the “retired champion” circle of Band vs Band. 

This means that Magnificent Birds of Prey won 15 days straight of our game Band vs Band. This is a very difficult challenge to accomplish. That means that everyday our listeners decided that they want to hear more from this band. It means that for 15 days straight, Magnificent Birds of Prey promoted their appearances, and got their fans to tune in, vote, and interact with the band in our chat room.


So we welcome MBOP to the elite group of artists who will forever be in heavy rotation on Gashouse Radio. MBOP will be back in December for our Tournament of Champions. In the meantime, you can go to to hear more from the band, and check out below for all their upcoming dates.


Here’s the small list of artists considered to be “retired champions” on Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band: