Leaving Venus


East of the West are now the reigning Band vs Band champions on Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET). This south Jersey/Philadelphia band have taken our station by storm in the past few days. Earlier this week they debuted on the show, and such a powerful response that they were asked to participate in th eBand vs Band segment immediately. Not only that, you can find their song High Definition Hypnotism in The Top 10 Countdown, everyday at 5pm ET. This Saturday they’re at the World Cafe Live, and 4/27 they’ll be at the Grape Room. Go to eastofthewest.bandcamp.com and pick up their new album fo’ FREE.


Leaving Venus are a rock trio out of Hickory, NC. They made an appearance in Band vs Band last year, but unfortunately they faced Hiding Scarlet and no one got past them. So we’ve had their older album in rotation for about a year now, and recently they sent us their new self titled album. I thought Band vs Band would be the perfect way to sample some of the new tracks. you can sample even more at leavingvenus.bandcamp.com.


We’re gonna need your help deciding which band should return to the show next week (we’re off tomorrow). We’ll play 3 songs from both bands, and we’ll ask you to click either “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” during each. At the end of the show, the band with the highest votes stays. We’ve also got new music from , Origami Horses, Christian Diana and .