jim n the crickets

The summer of 2012 marked the formation of the three piece rock band Jim n the Crickets. As the members had played together under various guises before, it was not long before they had enough original material to begin to perform live.


1366464086_jitcDue to their previous experience, it was important for the band to attempt to reintroduce some of the important aspects which they feel have been lost, or at least overlooked, by most current music. Drawing influence from some of the greatest bands in history such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and the Black Crowes, as well as a more modern day influence in Jack White, the band tries to show the importance of feeling, blues and musicality in their songs and live performances.


After a couple of months, the band recorded a live demo of 8 original songs at The Studio Ltd in their hometown of Dumbarton, Scotland. Although the sound quality was not particularly impressive, the quality of the songs themselves has led to airplay on various internet and community radio shows, including Gashouse Radio.


Jim n the CricketsAt the moment, the band has a busy gigging schedule aiming to play as often as possible in an attempt to build up a solid fan base around Scotland. The band are also working on a more professional recording at James Watt college in Greenock and have been approached by a film and TV student interested in creating a video for the band after viewing a live performance of the band.


This new recording will soon be released as an E.P. entitled ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ and used to gather more fans from around the world through the medium of online radio.


Jim n the Crickets have recently booked their place in the latter stages of the Hard Rock Rising 2013 competition after winning the Scottish section at the Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh on the 6th March by unanimous decision. Their performance in the first heat lead to high praise from the judging team made up of local industry experts including Paula Whitlock and Mark Martin (Forth One Radio) deeming the band would be able to compete with not only local acts but also international acts. The comments from the final were that the band had managed to raise their performance to an even higher level.


hard rock risingThe next stage of Hard Rock Rising is an online voting system taking place on facebook. Voting opens at 10am ET on April 22 and closes at 4pm ET on May 1. Songs from each of the 96 finalists from around the world will be posted on the main Facebook Page for the Hard Rock Café brand (http://www.facebook.com/hardrock), as well as all of the brands local pages, and made available for free download. A valid vote is accomplished by clicking on the ‘Vote’ button on one of these pages.


The 25 bands who obtain the most votes/downloads during this time will proceed to the final stage for the chance to win some great prizes, including a world tour and a slot at the Hard Rock Calling festival in London. Voting is completely free and requires only a valid facebook account.