Gashouse Radio has a unique feature for an internet radio station; we have thumbs up and down buttons that we use to gain our listeners’ opinions on every single song that they hear, 24/7. We use these votes to determine how often a song plays throughout the day, if a band should be involved in Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band, etc.


The songs that get the highest votes overall each month end up in our Top 10 Countdown. You can hear the Top 10 every day at 5pm (and again at 5am) ET. These are our listeners’ favorites. These are songs that you need to hear. And the list resets at the end of every month to give more and more bands the opportunity to get themselves heard.


So it a new month, and that means or Top 10 countdown will reset, and the list is any band’s game. Now that March 2013 is officially in the books, let’s take a look at who owned our airwaves last month:

10.  Perfect Machine – 1 Last Chance
 9.  Secret Garden – Minoti
 8.  Chasing Lights – Copper Lungs
 7.  You Are To Me – Zer0
 6.  Ghosts – Fantastic Planet
 5.  Olympic Torch – The Lost Will Follow
 4.  Repeats and Replays – Amber Ladd
 3.  High Definition Hypnotism – East of the West
 2.  Fix and Fasten – WaveRadio
 1.  Definition –  Magnificent Birds of Prey

You can help shape the next month’s list! Tune in to Gashouse Radio every day and use the thumbs up/down buttons to give us your opinion on every track. If you can catch the Top 10 Countdown at 5pm ET, you can make sure your songs stay in the Top 10 as well.


And of course, stay tuned after the countdown for Gashouse Live, weekdays 6pm ET only on!