Even Man Out

The Lost Will Follow are now 1/3 of the way to retirement. We’ve put these guys up against 5 very different sounding bands, and our audience keeps choosing to hear more TLWF. We’re going to see them live on 4/20 at Finnegan’s Wake along with Magnificent Birds of Prey, Sweet Eureka and Autolyze. Check out thelostwillfollow.com for more information on this show, and many more in the coming weeks.


Even Man Out is a three-piece out of Philadelphia. They’ve been around for a few years, and have released 2 full length albums and an EP. They just released their third full-length, Tinicum, and is available on Itunes, Cdbaby, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Their in the process of putting together an E.P. of bootlegs and b-sides of the last three albums, and their planning some shows for this summer. This is a group of very accomplished musicians, and today should be a very interesting match up.


We’ll play 3 songs from each band during the show today, 6 – 9pm ET. While you’re listening, use the thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion of each song. Those votes will determine which bands returns for tomorrow’s show. Plus we’ve got new music from , and .