Fat Opie

The Lost Will Follow, now 7 days in to Gashouse Live‘s Band vs Band (weekdays 6pm ET). This means that for 7 shows in a row, our audience listened to 2 bands, and decided that they wanted to hear more and more The Lost Will Follow. The songs that are heard during Band vs Band can also be heard on their Reverbnation page. This Saturday 4/20 we’re heading out to Finnegan’s Wake to see The Lost Will Follow live along with 3 other great bands. Tune in today at 6pm, and make sure you come out with us on 4/20!


Fat Opie is a trio out of San Francisco that has been evolving since 1994. They started as a grunge rock band, good enough to get a management deal with Lookout Management (Neil Young). A few years later the banjo was added to their sound, which ended becoming the signature of Fat Opie. They’ve received national recognition throughout their years, and have quite an impressive discography as well. After taking many years off due to illness, Fat Opie is back with their latest release Victoryville. Currently on tour, Fat Opie will be hitting Philadelphia this Friday, 4/19 at Dawson St Pub. So go to fatopie.com for more info, check them out today on Gashouse Live, and then go see them live this Friday!


Today at 6pm ET we will play 3 songs from each band. When you hear a song you like, click thumbs up. When you hear a song you dislike, click thumbs down. Itt’s that simple. Those opinions you share will determine which band comes back the next day for more. We’ll also be debuting Clamor, geraldine pointing, , and .