Gonzo Morales

Today is the day. The last day for The Lost Will Follow to be a part of our Band vs Band segment on Gashouse Live. If they win, they become the 8th “retired champion” band in our 2 year history. If they lose, they become the first band to make it this far and not retire as champion, which would be incredibly heartbreaking. These guys are promoting machines, and they’ve got the songs to back it up.


While it’s their last Band vs Band appearance (that is until the Tournament of Champions in December) it is certainly not the last time you’ll hear this band on Gashouse. Their song Olympic Torch is still the #1 song in our Top 10 Countdown. The 4 songs we have from them will always be in heavy rotation, and we look forward to hearing much more from The Lost Will Follow.


We try to make every Band vs Band a challenge, and today is no exception. Gonzo Morales is gonzorock from Gonzotown. I’m not sure where Gonzotown is (although some of their Facebook page is written in Danish) but regardless this is a very interesting band. We debuted their track $30 a few weeks back, and our listeners thought it was a very cool sound. Their debut album Gonzotown: Prologue – The end of Morales was released late last year:


The conceptual album tells the story of the young man Morales who finds himself stuck in Gonzotown. With no recollection of how he got there and how he’s supposed to get away, Morales stumbles unto the streets of Gonzotown to find his sanity, his way home and try to get a deeper understanding of Gonzotown.


Concept albums are a personal favorite, so I’m really looking forward to hearing more from this band today at 6pm ET. You can grab this album for free from their website, gonzomorales.com (even the artwork is cool). Tune in to Gashouse Live today at 6pm ET to see if Gonzo Morales can take out our current champion.


We’ll be playing 3 songs from both bands, and we need you to share your opinions on each song using the thumbs up/down buttons. Join the chat room and participate in the show. We’ve also got brand new music from , Movement Ten, PERFECT DiLEMMA and .