The Lost Will Follow

It’s is day #13 in The Lost Will Follow‘s journey to retired championship status.  When a band wins 15 Band vs Bands in a row on Gashouse Live, they are considered a retired champion and they’ll be back on the show in December for our Tournament of Champions. We saw these guys live this past weekend at Finnigan’s Wake, and we’ll see them again on May 11th at Hebe Music. Tune in today to see if they can make it through this home stretch.


We never want to make “retired champion” status easy. That’s why we brought in today’s challenger, Jacob Kulick. Jacob is a singer/songwriter from the greater Philadelphia area. He writes great, heart-felt songs mainly on an acoustic guitar, and half of all his song sales goes to cancer research. Jacob Kulick has a big show coming up at The Fire this Saturday, April 27th along with The Badlees and John & Brittany.


Tune in to hear 3 songs from each artist today at 6pm ET. While you listen (and not just to these songs, but every song you hear on Gashouse) use our thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion of each. After 3 rounds, we tally your votes and the band with the most thumbs up will move on to the next day. We’ve also got brand new music from , Bobby Stasko, , and .