Venice Sunlight
For 9 days now we’ve been telling you to check out our current Band vs Band champion The Lost Will Follow. It’s very difficult to describe their sound, because each of the 4 songs vary so much. So rather than try and explain it, I’m going to post a song widget from their Reverbnation page. We’ve also been telling you to come out to one of their many upcoming shows. Rather than list them again, here’s the show schedule as well. Do yourself a favor and tune in today at 6pm ET to support these guys, and come out this Saturday with us to Finnegan’s Wake!


Venice Sunlight debuted on our station last week. The audience had great things to say in the chat room, and they used those thumbs up/down buttons to let us know they wanted to hear more from this Philadelphia group. They’re listed as “Whiskey Rock” as the genre on their Facebook page, which means we’re gonna get along with this band just fine. They’re next show is April 27th at Legendary Dobbs, and you can preview a few tracks below as well.


Tune in to Gashouse Live today at 6pm ET to hear 3 songs from each band, and help us decide which band should come back tomorrow. Use the thumbs up/down buttons next to the chat room to share your opinion, and join us in chat to participate in the show. We’ve also got new music from  , Giant Grilfriend, Sean Benjamin, and .