Social Potion

Burning Condors are looking for a 4th straight win on today’s Band vs Band, only on Gashouse Live. This London band has a refreshing take on dirty blues rock, and we’re happy to make their music a regular part of Gashouse Radio. If you check out, you can keep up with the band, sample  a few tracks, and even download their single Honey Trap for free. And of course, don’t forget to tune in today at 6pm ET to show your support!


Social Potion is another band that became an instant favorite of our listeners after a single debut. Currently they are the #1 indie band in Toronto, according to their Reverbnation ranking. This duo mixes catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics and innovative drum beats to make the music that many blogs and reviewers are raving about. Check out and pick up your free download, and tune in to Gashouse Live today to see if they can take the champion spot.


We’re going to play 3 songs from each band today at 6pm ET. While you listen to each, let us know what you think using the thumbs up/down buttons. At the end of Band vs Band, the band with the most votes moves on to the next day to face a new challenger. We’ve also got brand new music from Joseph Henricksen, , and .