Elephants for AutismElephant Talk Indie Magazine is proud to present the 2nd Annual Elephants for Autism Music Festival in Atlantic City, NJ. This is a 3-day event with an incredible lineup of bands.


The festival will take place from Friday, May 17th to May 19th in between 2 venues; Le Grand Fromage and The Boneyard. There will be free parking, and it is all ages up until 6pm. The cover is $10 and all proceeds will go towards free music scholarships for autistic children at the Music Academy for Special Learners in Long Island.

Some of the bands in the lineup that our listeners are familiar with:

  • Khalid Quesada
  • Magnificent Birds of Prey
  • Zer0
  • The Mahlors
  • Fleetwalker
  • Out of the Beardspace
  • Audio Kings of the 3rd World


Here’s a full rundown of the bands, stages, and times:
friday may 17th@le grand fromage-rotating stages
6-630-down chill and the rabbits
630-700-up the knomadz
700-730-down barry aishton
730-800 up horseman 5
800-830-down fools’ pudding
830-900 up urethra franklin
845-915-down empty November
915-945 up Malcolm tent and 1adam12
10-1030-up the mahlors
930-10 down-down selva
1045-1115 up position 9
1015-1045 down-the daycations
11-1130-down lovelight
1130-12-up the secondside
12-1230-down yellow tie guy
1230-1-up daniel ouelette and the shobijn

friday may 17th@the boneyard-
6-640 the only way
7-740 fleet walker
8-840 the choices
9-940 juggernaut drunk
10-1040 jon caspi & the first gun
11-1140 raymond ward
midnight-1240 dan sheehan conspiracy
***no outdoor stage at all on friday

saturday may 18th@le grand fromage-rotating stages

515-545-purple suns
6-630-down empty november
615-645-up audio kings of the third world
645-715-down steven paul
7-730-up burning red sun
730-8-down wrath of typhon
745-815-up linus in the saaphire
815-845-down ghosts in the valley
830-9-up out of the beardspace (1st set)
9-930 down-avoider
915-10 up -out of the beardspace (2nd set)
945-1015 down-ether sunday
1015-1045 up- position 9
1030-1130-down hell mary & atlas
11-1130 up-the galt line
1145-1215 down- the somerton suitcase
midnight-1230 up-
1230-close down- dj jerzey jeff (downstairs)

Check out the Elephants for Autism Volume 1 Compilation Album
Check out the Elephants for Autism Volume 1 Compilation Album

saturday@the boneyard-outdoor all day bbq kids fest

noon-1245-boneyard stage backseat chronicles
1245-115-alley stage raze the dead
115-2-boneyard stage selva
2-230-alley stage mark macmanus
230-315-boneyard stage mario a loor
315-345-alley stage the copper ponies
345-430-boneyard stage-marsh sound
430-500-alley stage shawnee houlihan
500-545-boneyard stage- whiskey danger heartache
545-615 alley stage-khalid quesada
630-7 bubbles (poetry)
(close outdoor at 630)

saturday may 18th@the boneyard-(indoor)

2-230 rothenbeck
330-4 nicole mizrahi
415-445 the rungs
5-530 red hill ramblers
545-615 step 13
630-7 apocryfiend
715-745 – magnificent birds of prey
8-830 divide and conquer
845-915 mind says rage
930-10 boundalive
1015-1045 -starving the tsunami
11-1130 flesh engine
1145-1215 voodoo terror tribe

sunday @le grand fromage-rotating stages

515-545 highglass wave
6-630-down only on weekends
630-700-up lor
700-730-down travis breeon cobb
730-800-up willow talk
800-830-down know your roots
815-845-up empty November
845-915-down its not rocket science
9-930-up sick mind-andrew
930-10-down cut the act
945-1015 up stonehaven
1015-1045 down-fragment no.7
1030-11-up clear for takeoff
11-1130 down-
1115-midnight -BROFX (DJ)

sunday@the boneyard-outdoor stage all day bbq-kids fest

12-1245-boneyard stage
1245-115-alley stage jeff murray
115-2-boneyard stage
2-230-alley stage
230-315-boneyard stage-willow talk
315-345-alley stage jacob graff
345-430-boneyard stage-recovery council
430-5-alley stage palaceburn
5-545-boneyard stage- zer0
545-6 lucas simmons (mentalist)
6-645 chip rishell

(outdoor stage closes at 6pm)

sunday@the boneyard-indoor
1-140 game seven-clark cummins
2-240- tuesdays letter
3-330 felix hunger
345-415 7th layer
430-5 lupe garu
515-545 lupe garu
6-630 fools’ pudding
645-715 the galt line
730-800 position 9
815-845 the mahlors
9-930 linus in the saaphire

10pm-after party (bouncing souls dj set)