Tall Dark and Lonesome

Have you heard about this band The Defused? If you’ve listened to Gashouse Live in the past few weeks, you’ve definitely heard them and probably conversed with them in our chat room. They’ve taken over the station between Band vs Band and the Top 10 Countdown (everyday at 5pm ET). The music is fun and energetic, and their live show is equally great. Don’t forget, this Saturday May 25th they will be rocking The Legendary Dobbs along with Fantastic Planet. Tune in today at 6pm ET to see if they can pull their 11th straight win. In the meantime, go to their Reverbnation page and pick up a free download of one of their best songs, 1984.


Tall, Dark, and Lonesome is a project based out of California and powered by life and love. Truthful, meaningful lyrics surrounded by melodic sound make TD&L a very worthy challenger for today’s show. The new EP Free Yourself will be available on iTunes May 28th. If you tune in to Gashouse Live today you will get a sneak peek at the EP. Keep in touch with Tall, Dark and Lonesome at talldarkandlonesome.com and tune in today at 6pm ET to see if they can become our next champion!


We’ll play 3 songs from each band during the show. When you hear any song being played on Gashouse Radio, use the thumbs up/down buttons to let us know what you think of the track. At the end of the Band vs Band segment, whichever has the most thumbs up will move on to the next show as “returning champion”. We’ve also got new music from Ackley and . Russell from East of the West and Gary from The Lost Will Follow are joining us on the show today, so tune in!