The Defused have become only the 9th retired champion in our 2 year history!!


We debuted The Defused in April, and they entered our daily Band vs Band segment of Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET) in early May. for the entire month this band has dominated the airwaves. Their song has been a fixture in the Top 10 Countdown, and Friday they won their 15th straight Band vs Band match-up. This puts them in a small circle of “retired champion” bands.


This Wednesday on Gashouse Live we’ll finally meet the band on-air. Then 1 week later on June 12th they’ll be joining us at The Raven Lounge for an on-air interview and acoustic performance. Stay tuned to Gashouse Live, and follow us on Twitter for more information.


Listen for their upcoming album The Autumn Tree now in regular rotation throughout the day.