du mondeOur friends La Fin Absolute Du Monde could use just a little bit of help to support their tour. This duo out of the San Francisco area are living the rock n roll lifestyle. Jason and Chicky Myles have a very unique sound, and they work their husband/wife asses off to get that music heard live across the country. They do not have day jobs. Their tours are not “mini-vacations”.


This is a band that have made that jump to make their music a part of their lives rather than hobby. This is a move that takes a lot of guts, and these two deserve it. We met Jason and Chicky last year as they passed through the Philadelphia. Since then they haven’t stopped, having toured the US and the UK with almost no time off.


So help out La Fin Absolute Du Monde by checking out their fundraiser, and throwing a few bucks in support. Similar to a Kickstarter campaign, La Fin have put together some perks for the help:


$5 donation gets you our current EP plus one NEW song (and you’re getting it FROM US, not the label)

$10 donation gets you the LP that we only sell at our shows (features all the songs re-released on Foolscircle and MORE)

$25 donation gets you the LP and a t-shirt (note these are custom t-shirts that we design JUST FOR YOU)

$40 donation gets you the LP, the custom designed t-shirt, and a special EP just as a huge thank you. This includes 6 songs that will NEVER be released to the public. All that for just $40? Say what?!!!


You can help by donating directly to their Paypal to make it very simple. Check out the Facebook page for more info on the fundraising campaign, and support original music.