The Boxing Lesson

There’s been quite a champion turnover recently on Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band! The Apparells, an incredible band out of the UK, lost their champion status to Craig Alan Band on yesterday’s show. CAB is former OTiS frontman’s new project. This folky/americana band just formed and the album is ready to release next month. September 13th the band will be playing Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. Keep an eye on for updates on the album release and more shows. Tune in today at 6pm ET to hear a sneak peek of the new album and help Craig Alan Band move on to the next day!


The Boxing Lesson, a psychedelic rock band out of Austin, TX is today’s challenger. The band started in L.A. back in 2002. Even through several lineup changes and a move halfway across the country, The Boxing Lesson has managed to stay together for all this time. Big Hits! is the band’s latest release, and you will hear 3 songs from this full length album today on Gashouse Live. Pick up the album on their Bandcamp page, and follow them on


Make sure you tune in to Gashouse Live today at 6pm ET. We’ll be playing 3 songs from both bands, and we need you to decide which band should come back tomorrow. All you need to do is listen, and share your opinion of each song using our thumbs up/down buttons. In addition to Band vs Band, Carl and Lyle of Magnificent Birds of Prey will be stopping by the studio. Saul of Give Me Gravity will be stopping by the studio. AND we’ve got new music from , Robb Underwood, and .