JATD Interview
photo courtesy of Gary Veach

If you missed any of our coverage at this year’s Jam at the Dam, then shame on you. We had a blast meeting so many different people, and speaking with some of the great acts from this year’s festival.


One interview that definitely stuck out was Christopher Scarborough of the Scarred & Dangerous Thrill Show and Joseph Taylor. In the past 2 years we’ve seen Chris breathe fire, chew broken glass, and stick his hand in a bear trap just to name a few. Check out our interview with Chris right here:

In addition to the Thrill Show, Chris and Joe host a bi-weekly podcast called The Curioso. This show talks about the things that made them curious as children, the things that make them curious as adults, and try to make sense of these mysteries. The bizarre moments of history along with forgotten pieces of history are also common themes on the podcast. There’s a good chance we’ll be bringing this show to our sister station Grindhouse Radio very soon!

Now if you’ve listened to the podcast, and you’d like to see the crazy shit that Chris did during the interview, check out this video from Gary Veach: