Even Man Out

Even Man Out and Glim Dropper LIVE on our show next Friday, August 2nd!


One of our favorite additions to the Gashouse Radio lineup is a Philadelphia three-piece called Even Man Out. They’ve got 3 full length albums out, which will be heard in heavy rotation all week long. The music is complex, yet extremely catchy.


Their latest album, Tinicum, is available for download on their Bandcamp page. In addition to heavy rotation, we’ll be giving away a few copies of their first album in the next few weeks on Gashouse Live.


From what I understand the band is currently living in different parts of the country, which we’ll learn more about when we sit down and interview Even Man Out on August 2nd at Hebe Music. If that is the case, this could be a rare show at Hebe for the band, so do not miss it!