Yesterday we had our selves a hell of a battle. The Fetching was awesome and will be in rotation from now on, but The Mainestreet Band managed to pull a win in a rare tie-breaking round. The songs that keep winning are all from their album Dime A Dozen, available on CDBaby. Tune in today and help decide who returns on Monday as our champion.


Evolv is a hard rock 5-piece, also from the Philadelphia area. Last month the band released their third album , Eliminate, and we’ve got 3 songs for today’s match up. You can see Evolv @ 60 EAST w/ Ketosis, Killshot and the Unknowns on Friday July 26th. Also, you can find them on facebook, twitter, and youtube right from their site evolv.us.


We’ve got 3 songs from both bands to play on Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET. Every time you hear a song play, please use our thumbs up/down buttons and share you opinion of the track. These votes determine which band will join us again on Monday’s show.


Special guest-host Amber Ladd will be joining the show. We’ve got a ton of good music to play, merch to give away, and scotch to be drank. Join us in the chat room.