Soul Saboteur

Today at 6pm ET on Gashouse Live, we’re bringing our returning champions The Mainestreet Band back to face a new challenger in Band vs Band. Fresh off a big show at World Cafe Live this weekend, The Mainestreet Band are playing their hometown spot, The Old Oar House Pub in Millville, NJ, this Friday 7/5. Go to to pick up their new album Dime A Dozen, and tune in today to help them move on in Band vs Band.


Soul Saboteur have been in rotation for awhile now, but we just got a new single from the band and thought it would be perfect for Band vs Band. This UK band have been playing since November of last year. Soul Saboteur released an EP in March of 2013. After a few lineup changes, the band decided to re-record these tracks, and include them in an upcoming album, Therapy For The Damned, to be released later this year. The first single will be released in July, but we’ve got it for today’s match up. Check out their very nice looking site, and tune in today at 6pm ET!


We’ll play 3 songs from each band during today’s Gashouse Live. While listening, please use our thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion of each track you hear. These votes will determine which band returns tomorrow to face a new challenger. We’ve also got new music from , and .