Everyday at 5am and 5pm ET we play the Top 10 Countdown. These are the highest voted songs on Gashouse Radio. Remember, you can vote on every song you hear all day long on Gashouse. You can also use our auto-request feature to hear a specific song when there is no live DJ available. Here are the Top 10 songs from the month of June:


top-10-logo[1] 1. I Can’t Believe – The Lost Will Follow
2. 8 Bit Luv – The DeFused 
3. Cordelia (Featuring Carmen Toth) – Social Potion
4. Fiasco – Edelweiss 
5. Definition – Magnificent Birds of Prey
6. Chasing Lights – Copper Lungs
7. Noon – Ackley
8. Slitting Your Wrist With A Competitive Edge – Tsunami Rising
9. So Numb – Epicyon
10. Auria – The Silent Signals