Falling Off Maps

In a very close, very exciting upset, Yves Jean (pronounced “Eve Jean” for those as bad at pronunciation as I am) took out The Mainestreet Band to become our current champion in Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band. This Pittsburgh alt-rock trio brought it down to a tie-breaking round, but 4 songs from the album Hope for the Best..But Expect Nothing left our listeners wanting to hear more. You can pick that album up on iTunes. Go to yvesjeanmusic.com for more info on the band, and a look at a few of their videos as well.


Falling Off Maps is a UK band with a very interesting back story. The band started as teenagers under the name Headway. For their first gig they opened for ZZ Top and saw immediate success after that. Several tours (playing Wembly Arena no less!) later, because of the terrible state of the music industry, the band split in 2009. After a move to the states and a name change, the band reinvented themselves into what you’ll hear today at 6pm ET. I highly recommend you check out fallingoffmaps.co.uk and learn more about this band, it’s a great story and they’re a solid band.


Today on Gashouse Live we’ll be playing 3 tracks from both bands. While you listen to each song, use our thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinions of each. These votes will help us determine which band comes back tomorrow to face a new challenger. We’ve also got new music from Light HeatNOVA ALBION, and The City Shakeup.