Sterling Witt

Yves Jean was able to pull the crucial 2nd win on Band vs Band during yesterday’s Gashouse Live. This Pittsburgh trio is taking over the week, and with good reason. The album Hope for the Best..But Expect Nothing has influences from a dozen different genres, a rare trait in an album that is keeping our audience wanting to hear more. Sample a few for yourself right here, go to, and tune in today at 6pm ET to see if Yves Jean can pick up win number 3.



Describe Sterling Witt in one word: artist. That’s about all we know about Sterling. According to Facebook, the genre you will hear today on Gashouse Live from Sterling is Experimental Americana Alt-Folk-Punk-Rock. Oh, and he plays a right-handed acoustic guitar upside down, strung upside down. An interesting style, and I think you’ll find today’s tracks from the album Sterling Loves U equally interesting. Go to for more information.



We’ve got 3 tracks from each artist on today’s Gashouse Live. We need your help in determining which band should come back for tomorrow’s show. All you need to do is listen carefully to each song, and share your opinion using our thumbs up/down buttons located next to the chat room on our player page. In addition we’ve got new music from Sexinadream, and .