The Dream Logic

Blue Matches, already going for win #3, are back on Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET. They are our Band vs Band returning champion and for good reason. Their sound is just the right blend of punk and indie. We’ve got a few tracks from their upcoming album Starting Over, and you can help this Nashville band complete that album! They have a Kickstarter project to raise $3000 to finish the mixing, mastering, and reproduction of the new album. Tune in today at 6pm ET to hear why you should become a backer on this album.


The Dream Logic have a sound much different than just about any band we’ve played on the air before. This New York band mixes acid jazz, jam, funk, fusion and soul on their debut self-titled album released earlier this year. Sample some tracks at and pick up the album on CDBaby.


“Funky, Edgy, Jammy, Electric Jazz that you won’t soon forget; mixes acid jazz, jam band casual approach, the sass of Funk and a searing electric production that delivers it all with tasteful precision.”  – Derek Siver (Founder of CDBaby)


Today at 6pm ET on Gashouse Live we will be playing 3 songs from each band. While you listen to each song, use our thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion. These votes will determine which band comes back on our next show to face a new challenger. Also today we’ll be debuting music from  and . After the show, we are heading out to The Legendary Dobbs for Amber Ladd’s first Dobbs show! Join us all night!