The March Divide

In this corner, all the way from Willow Grove, PA we have 8x champion The Good Excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an awesome band. They have an awesome album (30 Minutes or Less and you can grab  it on Bandcamp). They also have a show coming up on 8/23 at Dockside Bar, and that is a great place to see a show. Go see them, and tune in today at 6pm ET to hear 3 songs from their album.


And in this corner, from El Paso, TX is The March Divide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These guys have been around for about a year, and they’ve already seen some success with their first album Music for Film. They’ve already followed that album up with an EP called Music for Television. The band is busy touring the state of Texas, and even reaching as far north as Minnesota. Check out to learn more about the band, their tour schedule and even a preview of some tracks.


Today at 6pm Et on Gashouse Live we’ll sample 3 songs from each band. As a listener, we need you to share your opinion of each track using the thumbs up/down buttons. These votes will determine which band comes back next week to face a new challenger. We’ve also got new music from Stephen & Zooey, and . Amber Ladd will be filling in for Krantz, so make sure you tune in and join us in the chat!