The Thiefs

The Good Excuses have done it again! They now have 3 wins in a row, and today on Gashouse Live they are going for number 4. Not only are the Good Excuses putting together a nice Band vs Band run, but they currently hold the #1 spot in our Top 10 Countdown with their song Einstein’s Bully. That song can be found on their album 30 Minutes or Less, available on Bandcamp. Check them out at Dockside Bar on August 23rd and tune in today at 6pm ET.


The Thiefs are another high energy band out of Maryland:

The Thiefs don’t follow the rules. The airwaves may be overrun with rock ‘n’ roll zombies, but this band has devised a plan to steal your hearts and minds while blasting open your ears with guitar rock goodness, a groovy, punch-filled rhythm section and hooks so catchy you’ll want to sing them in the shower tomorrow.

An introduction like that definitely peaks my interest. The band has only been together about a year, and they’ve already made themselves known in every venue from Baltimore to DC. Check out their Reverbnation page for a full list of upcoming shows. There you will also find a bunch of free downloads.


Today on Gashouse Live we’ll be playing 3 songs from each band. When you hear a song, let us know what you think by using our thumbs up/down buttons. Those votes will determine our Band vs Band winner at the end of 3 rounds. Also on the show we have new music from  and . Tune in, and join us in the chat room!