Above Connecticut

I was wrong with our number in yesterday’s post. In the Presence of Wolves are now going for double digit wins on today’s show! They faced 9 worthy opponents and their EP Palladium earned them a win every time. This is by far the most popular prog rock band we’ve ever had on the station, and we’re looking forward to seeing them live this Saturday, 9/14, at Dave & Buster’s Dockside Bar. Tune in again today at 6pm ET as ITPOW face what could be their toughest challenge yet.


Above Connecticut debuted back in mid-August and since then has been a regular part of our Top 10 Countdown (everyday at 5am and 5pm). This Philly rock band have been at it since 2011 and already have a debut album and a new EP, Ready Damage Down. They are also playing this Saturday, at the Rusty Nail. In October the band will be on our sister station Grindhouse Radio with Toil Rock Radio. check out aboveconnecticut.com for more info. Today at 6pm ET we’ll be playing a few tracks from the new EP.


We’ve got 3 songs from each band on today’s Gashouse Live. We’ll need you to give us your opinion on each song using our thumbs up/down buttons. These votes will determine which band returns to face a new challenger on tomorrow’s show. We’ve also got new music from , and . Tune in, and be a part of the show in our chat room!