Movement Ten

Here we go. The final match for In the Presence of Wolves. Over the past few weeks they’ve faced 14 incredible bands, and each time our listeners decided that they wanted to hear more and more ITPOW. Maybe it’s the incredible musicianship shown off in their extra long prog rock songs. Maybe it’s because our listeners have seen them live and can appreciate the fact that they can recreate these songs on stage with even more energy and enthusiasm. Regardless, today at 6pm ET is their most important match up yet. Tune in, and tomorrow night head up to NYC to see ITPOW at Desmond’s Tavern.


Like I said yesterday, we don’t just hand out the “retired champion” status. So we picked Movement Ten for the challenger today.Movement Ten is a synth-pop project started in 2011. The band released their self-titled debut in 2012 and it is available on their Bandcamp. Earlier this week we debuted a track from their new album Build Them and They Will Come, also available on Bandcamp. The song was well received by our listeners and so they are back for tonight’s Band vs Band.


We’ve got 3 songs from each band and we need you to share your opinion of each track. Do so by using our thumbs up/down buttons on the player page and on our Android/iPhone apps. These votes will determine who wins tonight’s match-up. If it is Movement Ten, they will be back Monday to face a new challenger. If it is ITPOW, they will become the 10th retired champion in our 2 year history. We’ve also got new music from the Wayside Shakeup and Me & This Army. Tune in, should be an awesome show!