Play Rewind Eject

No band has ever won this many Band vs Band challenges in a row and not become a retired champion. That being said, In the Presence of Wolves still have 2 bands that stand between them and the coveted title. This prog rock band from south jersey has made quite an impression on our listeners. check out their EP Palladium on Soundcloud and see them in NYC this Saturday at Desmond’s Tavern.


Pete Thompson, better known as play_rewind_eject, is a seasoned songwriter in the UK. After 10 years in bands, he decided to gather his knowledge and his stories and put them into a new solo project. Since 2010, play_rewind_eject has put out an album and 2 EPs. the latest recording, Maryland, was released just last month and we’ve got 3 songs to play on today’s show. Check out for upcoming shows and to pick up the latest album.


We’ve got 3 songs from both bands for you on today’s Gashouse Live at 6pm ET. While you listen to each song, please use our thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion. These votes will determine which band comes back for tomorrow’s show to face a new challenger. In addition, we’ve got new music from a band called . So tune in and join the conversations in our chat room!