Easy Company

Our new Band vs Band champion Threads of Scarlet are back tonight at 6pm ET to face a new challenger. This alt rock band is currently based in NYC, but the band was really founded in Barbados. The band has been together since 2007 (although some members have played together since childhood). Make sure you follow them on Facebook to keep up with new shows and releases. Today you will hear 3 songs from their latest album Katharsis. Make sure you tune in and let us know what you think of each song. Also, check out the video for their song Ruby Red Roses:



The challenger today is no stranger to Gashouse Radio. Easy Company have been a fixture in our rotation for well over a year. Earlier this month the band released a new EP titled Hello World. On September 21, to celebrate the release, they played to a packed house at the famous Arlene’s Grocery. Currently Easy Company are planning an east coast tour for the winter. Make sure you follow them on Facebook for more info on the tour. We’ve got 3 new tracks for today’s match, but take a quick look at this video La Di Da from their Youtube:



We’ve got 3 songs from each band on today’s show at 6pm ET. We need you to listen closely to each song and let us know what you think. Please use the thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion with us, and also be a part of the show in our chat room. In addition to Band vs Band, we’ve got new music to debut from The Nodd and The Lux.